Blog Statistics #4

Started by Anteo, Apr 17 2017

The blog has yet extended its achievement by gaining 35.000 visitors!

It's about time, you did it again to top the previous record of views, and this alone proves that our blog still appears to be quite entertaining and interesting from the drifting community as we already recognized in a long time.
As you clearly would have noticed in the past several months, the server had gotten a remarkable decrease of team members both for their inactivity and for their decision to leave it, obviously including myself who's been missing from the server for quite a while due to a lack of interest from me for the game it self.
A lot has changed for me through the past years as well and also for the team that I have been leading to this day mostly on my own, although it might seem easy to handle a team but when you happen to be inactive in a game that is supposed to have someone who's more present for their members and for anything that has to do with the team in general, you get to a point where you feel stressed out for whatever surrounds you as in being a leader, and the pressure actually feels a lot heavier as time goes by, until you give up.
In a few words, my willing to keep a team in such stand-by status surely will not last forever and it's not even close to what I had in mind, so it's likely going to end sooner or later, I just need to take my time to fully analyze everything related to the team as a whole and reach a conclusion by making the best choice possible for me and everyone else inside this circle, and it's rather going to be done within the end of the year.
Therefore, as I usually like to wrap things up, my recognition goes to all of you for the support you have been giving to us thus far and I really will never get tired of thanking you enough, and to return the favor, we will continue on improving the server in order to keep you amused and also satisfy everyone's wishes so that you won't ever lose your motivation on playing this game as you are the only reason why we still maintain our server running.

10th Year SA-MP Anniversary

Started by Anteo, Dec 19 2016


Note: If you're interested to know further informations about the SA-MP Anniversary, we truly recommend you to take a look at the page placed down below posted by the creator himself.

Aside from the delay that this post could have, the glorious day has finally arrived for us as well being represented by a tiny part of our community members, however it has now been the 10th Year of the San Andreas Multiplayer Anniversary exactly been marked on May 9th as unbelievable as it might seem, it truly felt like time has flown so quick since this game modification has made its first apparence to the players all over the world which has certainly started a new cycle of multiplayer experience for the very first time being featured in a game that had already hit its peak of popularity in the past, but it seemed like this game still deserved to have something else and was missing out a very important aspect to be implemented in the game and back then any modes that could have had multiple players playing a game at the same time really meant a lot especially if the game being used was actually GTA San Andreas it self.
Afterwards, the game modification seemed to have affected the game in such a good way which through the years apparently started getting attention from everybody who could already be able to play it on their PCs as we all know that this game was mostly known on consoles and less on PC back then until further modifications also started to make their first apparence into it and so that's exactly when the game caught the attention of more and more players through the years and became more interesting to be played for the actual reason mentioned before.
Such game modification certainly revealed to be such a nailed discovery by the creators of it and since the game already had a quite big map to play on which could seriously fit a huge amount of players in it, everything was settled to finally start planning and working on a project which ended up by their first release of this game modification which obviously required quite a few time to be developed in order to reach a state of perfection and surprisingly, that developing is still going on to this day as they have already released a bunch of versions from 2006 to 2016 and as the time goes by the game modification keeps on getting better and better by making some remarkable improvements as a whole and hooks a massive amount of people to it and so ending up being sticked to it for quite a while and also being seriously unable to stop playing it through several years of doing so, or at least taking longer than expected because unfortunately everything comes to an end sooner or later.
In conclusion, we would really like to wish you a happy anniversary directly from the Underground Drifters community and thank each one of you who decided to join and help me with this collage, Neo for example as he was the original mentor of this initiative, nonetheless we hope that you have always been grateful for all the time they truly spent working on such a huge project and we wish it will never stop growing up for the sake of the players who will yet keep on playing this game modification for years to come, not to mention the amount of players who quitted it for multiple reasons, but what really matters at the end of the day is recall the moments we have spent in the past through this game and also remember the players who have been by our side and had some good times together doing funny things and who knows, maybe even apply a driving technique so called drifting and grow in a community that would really teach you from ground up how to have fun in a very unique way and eventually lead you to one of the best communities in this game modification, would you be able to find out which one could it be? I won't do else than leave it to you.


Community Rises Again

Started by Anteo, Aug 26 2016

Well, guess who's back!

We're quite honored to make you guys such announcement which pretty much everybody was waiting for, after our forum got shut down for a little while, we've finally got ourselves a new forum to interact with and also a lovely new website where you can keep yourself informed with everything related to our server as a whole.
Not only that, we've also opened a CS:GO server for the first time ever dedicated to our players so that you can finally get to play with the members of our community and have fun there.
Feel absolutely free to register to it and invite your friends to register there as well!
For more informations, make sure to visit the following websites and we truly hope you're going to be thankful for what we're doing to keep our players entertained and so our community alive for as long as we possibly can.


Team's Page

Started by Anteo, Jun 24 2016

After quite some time, the team has finally gotten its own Facebook page!

I acknowledge the fact that it might be a little bit too late to announce such important thing to you guys and we're totally aware of this, but after making several reflections about having our own Facebook page, we considered appropriate to finally make one mainly dedicated to the team and the community as well.
Up until now, we've been associated with the GTADrifting page which I highly recommend you guys giving it a thumbs up, but unfortunately ever since Requx announced that he won't be active as much as he used to be due to personal reasons, the page suddenly got to become inactive since he was the only one from our staff who always took care of it and I really think that it would be a shame not to actually show our people what we're able to do even outside our main devices which might be the blog and the forums for example, therefore I personally wanted to let our capacity spread over even further and end up reaching this well known social media that everybody from all around the world is always turned on, and we all pretty much know how powerful and handy it might be for the most cases when you directly want to reach all the people that have been following us for quite a while now and actually want to keep themselves updated about anything occuring in the server and the community itself.
To end this off, I would like to invite all of you to give our page a thumbs up and help us to support it by having a ton of likes and share it with your friends so that we can keep expanding our popularity to places that we usually understimated and often never knew how effective they might actually be.


5th Year Team Anniversary

Started by Anteo, Mar 1 2016


Note: If you're interested to know further informations about the team, we truly recommend you to take a look at the pages placed down below.

Can you people believe it? It's already been 5 years since the team has been officially founded, specifically within the first days of March, since I can't honestly remember the exact day, and it surely looked like the time has gone by so damn quick to the point that it's even hard for me to realize it, all of this is just unbelievable as it's certainly been a honor for us to had overcome this milestone together and stronger than ever.
In any case, I wanted to make this little gift mainly for all the people that truly believed in us and who always had trust in us through these years, it's just a simple wallpaper I made using some creativity and I have to admit it came out pretty nicely, way better than I expected at first.
However, I'd mostly like to spend this moment to thank from the bottom of my heart all the players that actually have been into our team through these years as they also countributed to give us a huge help with our popularity and estimation to many players of many world countries and I seriously can't thank you enough for that.
It's certainly been a very long journey that we've been through together, among fun moments and critical ones, we still came across some great times after all, probably one of the best years that any drifter could ever wish to have in the game mostly for some particular players that used to show up, and also for the mindset that everyone used to have back then.
We all know that times change, certain people are able to recognize it right away, while others take their own time, but we owners cannot pretend not to notice it, by the way that players behave in the game and whatsoever, it's still not easy for us to understand properly how they got changed into and mostly if they actually turned into good or bad ones and I know that it might not be easy for anyone but owners probably got even more responsibility to take and eventually a little bit of further time to succeed properly, but we obviously try to give the best out of us and possibily avoiding to make missteps towards certain situations or moments.
After that being said, I'd just end this off by saying that I personally love being an owner of a team, especially of my own one, it's surely not one of the easiest engagement that anyone could ever take, because it's a constant stress, but you get to know a lot of things that If I wanted to be a normal player I wouldn't ever be able to see or notice and most importantly, who would've ever thought that I would become an owner of a team? certainly not me since it wasn't something I planned since I even decided to play the game, it just happened all of a sudden and I had to take the riskes of the job.
I obviously care to take all of this seriously as I always did since the beginning, therefore, I wouldn't know how other team owners use to behave towards their own teams and honestly I don't even mind to think about that or even judge them for what they do as everyone is absolutely free to behave the way they want, and I actually promised to myself to be a proper owner with character even by having my own lackings, because obviously none of us is perfect and probably never will, but if we even dare once to give the best out of us, people will certainly notice that and appreciate it as long as they will truly respect you for what you are, and clearly not for what some individuals want you to be or look like, moral of the story? just be yourselves people, always, simple as that.


Server Teleports Map

Started by Anteo, Jan 31 2016

Note: As soon as new maps or such things will be added to the server, the map will be updated as well with their appropriate teleports.

Through the past months I've been thinking about doing something new to the server regarding new teleports added around the whole map since we only had a few ones, and that's something I always wanted to do in our server as I remembered I still had a map that DonLimito made for Drift Andreas back in the days, so I thought we certainly deserved to have such thing as well, the idea alone is nothing too special but it surely does its job.
At first, I have to admit I wanted to make something more complex and cooler, but it obviously required further time and java script knowledges to successfully complete it as I already had a chance to talk with Loot about that a while ago, but he decided to work on something a bit more different than my idea, his project would've looked a website full of statistics and informations about players that we had going on through the clan system we used to have, it surely looked like a good idea but I was totally aiming to make something like this but unfortunately he couldn't handle well the project he had in mind and so both of our plans went pretty much down the drain.
As of now, I would still love to have a live players map for the server, it would only show the players being in the main world and certainly not private ones as well as further tiny details and informations about players that would be currently playing in the server and also more icons spread all over the map about anything that could be from houses in sale and to anything of that nature.
These little details shouldn't be understimated as I think they're quite important to make a community grow any further than what we are already right now, it could grab even more players attention and who knows what else, we've got a lot to come, we just have to be creative and think beyond any expectations.
So well, enjoy this Google Maps based map I made as it's also the biggest Satellite San Andreas Map anyone has ever made which was originally (47999x47964) large but unfortunately I had to resize it to (8000x7994) otherwise I couldn't be able to upload it onto extrazoom.
I really hope the time I've spent into it was worth it including the whole new /teles I placed around the whole map, have a good one!

Blog Statistics #3

Started by Anteo, Dec 29 2015

Thus far the total statistics of the blog have unbelievebly achieved 30.000 visitors!

Here we go once again talking about the total statistics or more particularly about the total visitors that the blog till now has reached, roughly after a year and half the previous achievement.
I have to admit that I wouldn't ever thought that such a simple blog about a team could ever be able to reach this high amount of visitors since I first thought of making a blog for my team in here, there's just no way that I could ever think to be able in making this blog quite popular within the whole SA:MP community or more specifically within the GTADrifting community, which gives us a huge help with most of the stuff we do.
The whole team has been also through some tough times in the past months, it's not really a big deal but throught the summer holidays, everybody knows that the activity of some players might lower down compared to the usual because everybody obviously tends to be busy with their personal stuff and so even the team might encounter this flaw by leading the team to have quite a while members being inactive into the server.
Therefore, we've been forced to stop recruiting for members and so prevent any player to make a tryout-video to join in the team since we really wouldn't know if those members who were inactive could ever come back to the game and start being active again to the server.
Not only that, I also started being inactive to the server as I thought to myself to get a break from the game since I've been busy playing something else and also because we suddenly started to have a lack of important players who actually use to make a huge difference to the server when they start missing out too, so I really had no point of keeping playing in the server since like everybody else started to get bored of the game as well, and that's unfortunately something that might ruin the entertainment of the players because they basically get bored as well without joining into an event or such thing, just to play something else instead of the usual drifting they mostly do.
Nevertheless, I think I talked quite enough about that topic, we'll definitely do everything we can to keep our community alive with events and anything that increases the interest of the players towards our server and our community in general.
To put an end to this post, I would like to thank as usual every single one of you who still keeps playing into our server everyday and also who's always had faith in our team and our community, we mostly do this for all of you and there's really nothing that would stop us doing so, except for those few times.