Team's Page

Started by Anteo, Jun 24 2016

After quite some time, the team has finally gotten its own Facebook page!

I acknowledge the fact that it might be a little bit too late to announce such important thing to you guys and we're totally aware of this, but after making several reflections about having our own Facebook page, we considered appropriate to finally make one mainly dedicated to the team and the community as well.
Up until now, we've been associated with the GTADrifting page which I highly recommend you guys giving it a thumbs up, but unfortunately ever since Requx announced that he won't be active as much as he used to be due to personal reasons, the page suddenly got to become inactive since he was the only one from our staff who always took care of it and I really think that it would be a shame not to actually show our people what we're able to do even outside our main devices which might be the blog and the forums for example, therefore I personally wanted to let our capacity spread over even further and end up reaching this well known social media that everybody from all around the world is always turned on, and we all pretty much know how powerful and handy it might be for the most cases when you directly want to reach all the people that have been following us for quite a while now and actually want to keep themselves updated about anything occuring in the server and the community itself.
To end this off, I would like to invite all of you to give our page a thumbs up and help us to support it by having a ton of likes and share it with your friends so that we can keep expanding our popularity to places that we usually understimated and often never knew how effective they might actually be.