10th Year SA-MP Anniversary

Started by Anteo, Dec 19 2016


Note: If you're interested to know further informations about the SA-MP Anniversary, we truly recommend you to take a look at the page placed down below posted by the creator himself.

Aside from the delay that this post could have, the glorious day has finally arrived for us as well being represented by a tiny part of our community members, however it has now been the 10th Year of the San Andreas Multiplayer Anniversary exactly been marked on May 9th as unbelievable as it might seem, it truly felt like time has flown so quick since this game modification has made its first apparence to the players all over the world which has certainly started a new cycle of multiplayer experience for the very first time being featured in a game that had already hit its peak of popularity in the past, but it seemed like this game still deserved to have something else and was missing out a very important aspect to be implemented in the game and back then any modes that could have had multiple players playing a game at the same time really meant a lot especially if the game being used was actually GTA San Andreas it self.
Afterwards, the game modification seemed to have affected the game in such a good way which through the years apparently started getting attention from everybody who could already be able to play it on their PCs as we all know that this game was mostly known on consoles and less on PC back then until further modifications also started to make their first apparence into it and so that's exactly when the game caught the attention of more and more players through the years and became more interesting to be played for the actual reason mentioned before.
Such game modification certainly revealed to be such a nailed discovery by the creators of it and since the game already had a quite big map to play on which could seriously fit a huge amount of players in it, everything was settled to finally start planning and working on a project which ended up by their first release of this game modification which obviously required quite a few time to be developed in order to reach a state of perfection and surprisingly, that developing is still going on to this day as they have already released a bunch of versions from 2006 to 2016 and as the time goes by the game modification keeps on getting better and better by making some remarkable improvements as a whole and hooks a massive amount of people to it and so ending up being sticked to it for quite a while and also being seriously unable to stop playing it through several years of doing so, or at least taking longer than expected because unfortunately everything comes to an end sooner or later.
In conclusion, we would really like to wish you a happy anniversary directly from the Underground Drifters community and thank each one of you who decided to join and help me with this collage, Neo for example as he was the original mentor of this initiative, nonetheless we hope that you have always been grateful for all the time they truly spent working on such a huge project and we wish it will never stop growing up for the sake of the players who will yet keep on playing this game modification for years to come, not to mention the amount of players who quitted it for multiple reasons, but what really matters at the end of the day is recall the moments we have spent in the past through this game and also remember the players who have been by our side and had some good times together doing funny things and who knows, maybe even apply a driving technique so called drifting and grow in a community that would really teach you from ground up how to have fun in a very unique way and eventually lead you to one of the best communities in this game modification, would you be able to find out which one could it be? I won't do else than leave it to you.