Blog Statistics #4

Started by Anteo, Apr 17 2017

The blog has yet extended its achievement by gaining 35.000 visitors!

It's about time, you did it again to top the previous record of views, and this alone proves that our blog still appears to be quite entertaining and interesting from the drifting community as we already recognized in a long time.
As you clearly would have noticed in the past several months, the server had gotten a remarkable decrease of team members both for their inactivity and for their decision to leave it, obviously including myself who's been missing from the server for quite a while due to a lack of interest from me for the game it self.
A lot has changed for me through the past years as well and also for the team that I have been leading to this day mostly on my own, although it might seem easy to handle a team but when you happen to be inactive in a game that is supposed to have someone who's more present for their members and for anything that has to do with the team in general, you get to a point where you feel stressed out for whatever surrounds you as in being a leader, and the pressure actually feels a lot heavier as time goes by, until you give up.
In a few words, my willing to keep a team in such stand-by status surely will not last forever and it's not even close to what I had in mind, so it's likely going to end sooner or later, I just need to take my time to fully analyze everything related to the team as a whole and reach a conclusion by making the best choice possible for me and everyone else inside this circle, and it's rather going to be done within the end of the year.
Therefore, as I usually like to wrap things up, my recognition goes to all of you for the support you have been giving to us thus far and I really will never get tired of thanking you enough, and to return the favor, we will continue on improving the server in order to keep you amused and also satisfy everyone's wishes so that you won't ever lose your motivation on playing this game as you are the only reason why we still maintain our server running.