DriftGodZ's Dissmas Track

Started by Anteo, Dec 25 2017

Note: If you're interested to know further informations about the diss track, we truly recommend you to take a look at the page placed down below.

For the past 2 weeks we have been quite busy working on a dissing track dedicated to DriftGodZ, since to those who don't know, we never got along too well from the very beginning as we always went separate ways mainly cause of underlying principles, so we thought that the moment to start roasting some people has just come, and we are going to do that through our voices and so give you guys a little christmas gift while we are at it that hopefully you guys will enjoy.
Pretty much everyone who has been playing this game knows what hides behind DriftGodZ, they are basically known for being a team who also own a server for many years where you can only follow the rules of realism, but apparently they seem to have applied such rule on the wrong context since we personally suppose that you can't really pretend people to drift realistically with such driving physics that we have in the game, unlike with our server where the players have the total freedom to do whatever they want and however you like without being judged, but above all else, what has always bugged us the most about them is the behavior that all the members have towards us and anybody who uses other methods and techniques for such art called drifting that we both have always focused on, moreover they never bothered to respect all the people who have grown playing this game mostly with a free mindset who never felt a border where the creativity could have been locked in, and we drifters have been taught that we should always spread our concepts of drifting without a specific border or limit that cannot be crossed, and this is exactly who preceded us have always done and that's why we decided to still follow their teachings, and also share the several styles that each one has through videos and such, as long as you can hold your car sideways through corners regardless how you do it and what support you use to do it, but in the end only who is really keen to master that specific technique will understand to love it, although thankfully there is yet a few people that still keep doing it or at least do their best to try change the trends that nowadays seem to have taken over everything and everybody in this game, and this is possibly one of the reasons why a lot of drifters in the past ended up quitting the game because of how much all this turned out to be annoying and boring to death, even due to lack of new ideas, and only who is into our world will understand what I am talking about.
So now that you know the drill, let's get to how we came up with such project, which honestly wasn't something that we planned at first but just popped up in our minds out of nowhere while talking on our Discord channel with other members of our community, so as soon as we started thinking about the whole drama that there has been between us and many other people in our community had in DriftGodZ regards, we immediately started gathering some people we knew the most who might have actually helped us in the whole process of recording and what else would have required our attention on.
At the same time we are totally aware of the fact that this is not something that you should take too personal nor serious by any means, so we remind you guys not to be disrespectful towards anybody that we mentioned in the track it self because we are not aiming to get involved into anything else than what we are already know of.
Therefore, I would seriously like to thank all the people within the White Willow Prod. that contributed to the making of this track, the effort that you all put into it is greatly appreciated, so don't forget to spread this diss track around and make it known everywhere, we have the track uploaded on our YouTube channel and also on SoundCloud, not only that, make sure to stay locked around here because we have something else in store for all of you coming soon.

Underground Drifters - Dissmas (Audio)