5th Year Team Anniversary

Started by Anteo, Mar 1 2016


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Can you people believe it? It's already been 5 years since the team has been officially founded, specifically within the first days of March, since I can't honestly remember the exact day, and it surely looked like the time has gone by so damn quick to the point that it's even hard for me to realize it, all of this is just unbelievable as it's certainly been a honor for us to had overcome this milestone together and stronger than ever.
In any case, I wanted to make this little gift mainly for all the people that truly believed in us and who always had trust in us through these years, it's just a simple wallpaper I made using some creativity and I have to admit it came out pretty nicely, way better than I expected at first.
However, I'd mostly like to spend this moment to thank from the bottom of my heart all the players that actually have been into our team through these years as they also countributed to give us a huge help with our popularity and estimation to many players of many world countries and I seriously can't thank you enough for that.
It's certainly been a very long journey that we've been through together, among fun moments and critical ones, we still came across some great times after all, probably one of the best years that any drifter could ever wish to have in the game mostly for some particular players that used to show up, and also for the mindset that everyone used to have back then.
We all know that times change, certain people are able to recognize it right away, while others take their own time, but we owners cannot pretend not to notice it, by the way that players behave in the game and whatsoever, it's still not easy for us to understand properly how they got changed into and mostly if they actually turned into good or bad ones and I know that it might not be easy for anyone but owners probably got even more responsibility to take and eventually a little bit of further time to succeed properly, but we obviously try to give the best out of us and possibily avoiding to make missteps towards certain situations or moments.
After that being said, I'd just end this off by saying that I personally love being an owner of a team, especially of my own one, it's surely not one of the easiest engagement that anyone could ever take, because it's a constant stress, but you get to know a lot of things that If I wanted to be a normal player I wouldn't ever be able to see or notice and most importantly, who would've ever thought that I would become an owner of a team? certainly not me since it wasn't something I planned since I even decided to play the game, it just happened all of a sudden and I had to take the riskes of the job.
I obviously care to take all of this seriously as I always did since the beginning, therefore, I wouldn't know how other team owners use to behave towards their own teams and honestly I don't even mind to think about that or even judge them for what they do as everyone is absolutely free to behave the way they want, and I actually promised to myself to be a proper owner with character even by having my own lackings, because obviously none of us is perfect and probably never will, but if we even dare once to give the best out of us, people will certainly notice that and appreciate it as long as they will truly respect you for what you are, and clearly not for what some individuals want you to be or look like, moral of the story? just be yourselves people, always, simple as that.