5th Year Server Anniversary

Started by Anteo, Jul 28 2017

Note: If you're interested to know further informations about the server, we truly recommend you to take a look at the page placed down below.

What a glorious milestone it has been, certainly what we have accomplished over the past 5 years is something quite challenging for anybody that has been into this game, and clearly something that wouldn't have been possible without the help of some which should really be proud now for how far we have come thus far, not to mention the amount of effort that has been put to mantain the server mainly for the sake of our players to give them the best possible experience they could get also thanks to all the scripters who have always been handy for the making of our server by tweaking and improving anything that is needed to have on a server like ours, and also thanks to the donators who have also revealed to be useful to us by showing us even more your concern to still keep the server running, therefore this should already be a further proof of how authentic and genuine our community really is.
As you might have witnessed through the years, we went through a lot of cycles with our server, starting off with the multiple change of names for it, different staff members and owners, lots of players which quite many of them went gone at some point, but well, unfortunately nothing is meant to last forever as we all know, so we also had to face the loss of quite many important players which we really cared about due to the fact that they have been playing with us for a very long time but had to carry on with their lives, but we will forever be grateful for having marked our hearts and most importantly the heart of our server for the good times we spent together having fun and do what a bunch of ordinary players are supposed to do on a drifting server.
Not only that, but we also got to mention and really appreciate the appearence of new people within the crew of our server, the staff for instance has been changing a lot for the most part, and we have always been impressed by how committed they have been to us and no matter how much experience they had but they always showed us to do the right thing everytime, and the fact that we have always been helping each other makes this anniversary even rewarding for us because it means that we have really done our job properly by satisfying everyone's needs with our ability to make things happen at any given time.
We got to admit that sometimes we wonder how much further we can push ourselves to, honestly we never thought about giving up on this game, which might seem fair enough at this point since the game has gotten quite old and it will get even worse over time, but there seems to be something that continues to motivate us and do better each time and this is a point to our advantage because we never get tired or bored of what we do, probably because this is what we love doing the most and what we are best at since we have been known for so long even after going under so many names for our server, but at the end of the day we have always been sticking together, no matter how much things changed, our server has to be as example of how longeve a community can be and how long its players can live for, this is what Underground Drifters means to us, it's a big family that never stops growing and changing, and we can only hope that we will never end up putting our focus off of this game and will continue to stay in our future plans as well for the next years to come, but obviously this is something that we can't promise ourselves as we might never know what awaits us in the future, but if there's one thing that we are sure about, it's that our name has just now made history, and there's nothing more special than sharing such achievement with all the people that helped to get us to the top.
Anyway, we would like to let you guys know that we will plan to host a celebration event on the date of the server anniversary, so feel free to join our server at any time of the day and have fun with us as we will arrange something for it, hoping that you will take our invite into consideration.