Server Teleports Map

Started by Anteo, Jan 31 2016

Note: As soon as new maps or such things will be added to the server, the map will be updated as well with their respective teleports.

Through the past months I've been thinking about doing something new to the server regarding new teleports added around the whole map since we only had a few ones, and that's something I always wanted to do in our server as I remembered I still had a map that DonLimito made for Drift Andreas back in the days, so I thought we certainly deserved to have such thing as well, the idea alone is nothing too special but it surely does its job.
At first, I have to admit I wanted to make something more complex and cooler, but it obviously required further time and java script knowledges to successfully complete it as I already had a chance to talk with Loot about that a while ago, but he decided to work on something a bit more different than my idea, his project would've looked a website full of statistics and informations about players that we had going on through the clan system we used to have, it surely looked like a good idea but I was totally aiming to make something like this but unfortunately he couldn't handle well the project he had in mind and so both of our plans went pretty much down the drain.
As of now, I would still love to have a live players map for the server, it would only show the players being in the main world and certainly not private ones as well as further tiny details and informations about players that would be currently playing in the server and also more icons spread all over the map about anything that could be from houses in sale and to anything of that nature.
These little details shouldn't be understimated as I think they're quite important to make a community grow any further than what we are already right now, it could grab even more players attention and who knows what else, we've got a lot to come, we just have to be creative and think beyond any expectations.
So well, enjoy this Google Maps based map I made as it's also the biggest Satellite San Andreas Map anyone has ever made which was originally (47999x47964) large but unfortunately I had to resize it to (8000x7994) otherwise I couldn't be able to upload it onto extrazoom.
I really hope the time I've spent into it was worth it including the whole new /teles I placed around the whole map, have a good one!