Blog Statistics #3

Started by Anteo, Dec 29 2015

Thus far the total statistics of the blog have unbelievebly achieved 30.000 visitors!

Here we go once again talking about the total statistics or more particularly about the total visitors that the blog till now has reached, roughly after a year and half the previous achievement.
I have to admit that I wouldn't ever thought that such a simple blog about a team could ever be able to reach this high amount of visitors since I first thought of making a blog for my team in here, there's just no way that I could ever think to be able in making this blog quite popular within the whole SA:MP community or more specifically within the GTADrifting community, which gives us a huge help with most of the stuff we do.
The whole team has been also through some tough times in the past months, it's not really a big deal but throught the summer holidays, everybody knows that the activity of some players might lower down compared to the usual because everybody obviously tends to be busy with their personal stuff and so even the team might encounter this flaw by leading the team to have quite a while members being inactive into the server.
Therefore, we've been forced to stop recruiting for members and so prevent any player to make a tryout-video to join in the team since we really wouldn't know if those members who were inactive could ever come back to the game and start being active again to the server.
Not only that, I also started being inactive to the server as I thought to myself to get a break from the game since I've been busy playing something else and also because we suddenly started to have a lack of important players who actually use to make a huge difference to the server when they start missing out too, so I really had no point of keeping playing in the server since like everybody else started to get bored of the game as well, and that's unfortunately something that might ruin the entertainment of the players because they basically get bored as well without joining into an event or such thing, just to play something else instead of the usual drifting they mostly do.
Nevertheless, I think I talked quite enough about that topic, we'll definitely do everything we can to keep our community alive with events and anything that increases the interest of the players towards our server and our community in general.
To put an end to this post, I would like to thank as usual every single one of you who still keeps playing into our server everyday and also who's always had faith in our team and our community, we mostly do this for all of you and there's really nothing that would stop us doing so, except for those few times.