uD Tryouts Schedule & Terms

Started by Anteo, Dec 26 2015

It definitely took us a while to make this happen, but it's better late than never!

After quite some time, we finally decided to make an official schedule for auditions/tryouts in order to join in the team.
We never had an actual schedule before since the beginning of our times so we kind of used to let any player record his own video with what he could've been able to do in it, sometimes even by using hardcore editing and the so well-known and overused drifting technique called steerlock which pretty much everybody and their momma knows around SA:MP when it first made its appearance in early 2011.
So from now on, we officially started off this trend to use with every player who would want to join into the Underground Drifters team and have a career with us.
Well that's pretty much all of it, lastly we would like to wish all of you good luck with your tryout and we'll be hoping to accept a great-skilled drifter into our team as soon as possible.


1. You are completely free to use either an Elegy or any other stock car which already owns of a good drifting line by itself, otherwise you could easily be using a car mod with a custom drifting line on it and make a mixed way of recording in between both modes as long as you don't ever dare to make your tryout ONLY with car mods and custom drifting lines since the use of Elegy is absolutely required in your tryout, no matter what.

2. Record your drifting clips at any spot you want from the whole San Andreas map or you could even be choosing any of the custom maps from the Mappack to be drifting on since you might even feel free to use overused spots if you'd want to but we'd surely also accept new spots of your finding or spots already been found by someone else.

3. Our point of view to judge a player isn't mainly focused on your drifting skills, for example with the steerlock technique, but we'd even go further and judge even your level of creativity with spots and various techniques, the more creative you will be with your tryout, the more chances to be accepted will be higher for you.

4. We would mostly recommend you not to exceed with the steerlock technique and its known spots, merely not that we wouldn't want to see your real skills which is clearly what we want you to do, but we simply cannot stand too many clips of them used in your tryout, so we'd suggest you to use a few ones of your choice.

5. The max lenght of your video clearly has to be in between 3-4 minutes, not any shorter, not any longer, simple as that.

6. Most importantly you HAVE to use our official introduction video which you can download it here and obviously place it at the beginning of your tryout when you'll be editing your video which doesn't have to be FULLY edited with too many visual effects or such things because it's pretty obvious that we aren't an editing team so we're certainly not aiming to see that in any tryout, therefore we won't judge the way you edited your video in any way.


You CANNOT join in the team while being already in another different one, therefore it is truly forbidden joining other teams even after your possible acceptance into it UNLESS you are the actual owner of your own team.

 You CANNOT join in the team if your activity in the server is not steady by any means, therefore we suggest you to take that in consideration before making a tryout for the team in order not to be kicked out from it.

 You CANNOT join in the team after having been an old member and thus joined the team more than 2 times overall, therefore you will be dismissed from it and you will not have another chance to join in once again.