Blog Statistics #2

Started by Leds7, Apr 28 2014

We have reached a big amount of visits till now, and today the visits are exactly 20.000!

I can't believe in my eyes people, I would have never imagined to reach this kind of success with my team and also with the blog, it's a pleasure for us to see how you guys are always connected with us in every way so we can't really do else than thank each one of you who believed in us and who keeps doing it and hoping to join in our team one day.
I gotta admit that in first place, between the whole visitators that we have gotten are still from Italy as expected and this is actually unbelievable for me to see all the love that you guys show me with the views, pages and everything else that you could browser from the blog, so I would really like to thank you all and wish you to be entertained with this blog that is still alive since 2011.
However, I invite you to still be tuned on this blog because after the restyling of the theme, there are some stuff uncompleted so it's not officially done yet.
There will be also a surprise in the banner that I'm still working on to thank all of you after having helped us to reach this high level of views.