RC Drift Event

Started by Leds7, Apr 7 2014


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This weekend, Friday April 11th through Sunday April 13rd at 7pm, we have organized a one of a kind event which it has never been done before and it will be just a couple of days before Easter so we have thought to make something for it. If you wanna know more about our events, you can get in touch with us on Zone-X Gaming Events.

The RC Drift Event is basically a new and non-overused event which we have been thinking about as we came up with some new event ideas for all of you who constantly join any kind of our events that we have been doing during the past months. 
The event features an Remote Control Track that has been done by Unique aswell as the RC Drift Handling which I would like to thank him so much for spending his time on making them. 
The Remote Control Track has 2 different routes which are the Drift one and the Gymkhana one and it has even a lot of more places to check out such as RC Stands, Event Stage and some benches where you guys can Look & Judge. 
It will also include an RC Drift Vehicle which is a Mazda Rx7 Apex and it's just perfect and well scaled for being an RC Vehicle so we didn't think twice to choose it.

Here's a schedule of what to expect for the event:

Special Event Playlist

Available this weekend with the Remote Control Track the following stuff:

  • RC Stands (Bandit Spawn)
Check the whole stalls that we have prepared for you to show some RC Vehicles and then spawn your own Bandit to bring it on the track when you will be ready for it.
  • Food Stalls (Market)
If you're hungry and you wanna eat something, we have brought us some steaks, pizzas and a lot more stuff to feed everyone of you.
  • Gymkhana Route (Drift Show)
Have fun to avoid and pass through the cones by using your 4WD skills and act like a real Ken Block showing to everyone what you can do with it.
  • Drift Route (Bandit Race)
Race on the small route that we have built by passing through buildings and tunnels. The race will have a max of 8 players joining in.
  • Look & Judge (Drift Show)
Take a look at the people who shows off their skills to the spectators by drifting the corners and then judge the person with a vote.
  • Event Stage (Show)
This is where we will announce the begin of the event and then to eventually announce the winner of the event that we have decided to reward.
  • Drift Route (Bandit Battle)
Partecipate to a 1vs1 battle with whoever you want and give him a lesson. The battles will always take place on the small route.

Two Ways to Join
  • Catch the bus at your own spawn place which will be driven by an admin to take you at the entrance of the event.
  • Use your own vehicle to drive to the event place in Las Venturas and leave it parked properly on the side of the street. 

We look forward to see you joining in the Playlists and spend a good weekend with us and your friends on the server.
Anyways we would like to thank all of you again who have always been joining in our events and had fun with us, we hope all of you are enjoying them and we would also invite you to stay tuned for our upcoming events in the next months.