uD Elegy (Street Drift Version)

Started by Leds7, Nov 3 2014

I'm proud to announce you the official Elegy of the Underground Drifters team.

Today, after having sweated alot to finish it as quick as possible, I'm honored to show all of you my first creation of the uD Elegy which I named the Street Drift Version.
It's basically a gift that I wanted to make to the members and the staff of the community mainly because it's been a while since I decided to finish a mod by myself as I've been learning alot of in the past years by watching tutorials and cooperate with people that taught me how to use ZModeler properly and I'd really like to take this moment to thank them because without their help, I wouldn't never had the boost to actually do it.
Talking about help, I didn't want to get help from anyone as I wanted to accept the challenge with myself to make a whole mod by my own and I'm proud to have succeeded without troubles.
I'd also specify that I didn't make any of the models that you see in the car, that's why I'd also like to thank the modders that gave me the opportunity to get them as they were included in their own cars and I obviously credited them in the readme of the mod which you can clearly see once you'll download the mod.
For now, the car is meant to be private only but I could probably release it one day so, I suggest the people that would like to have it to hold tight until you can.
I've also made other versions of the car before this one, but for some reason I wasn't convinced to release any of them, maybe because there was something missing out to them but with this one, I didn't have any doubt on releasing it, it's definitely got the perfect look and style and I'm absolutely inlove with it.
I'd like to thank the people who rated and commented the car when they happened to see it, they actually gave me alot of trust and hope in myself and I can't really do else than thank each one of you, thanks alot for the feedback.
That's it people, I hope you'll enjoy the car as a whole because it'd really mean alot to me as I dedicated alot of time to it and I took care of every single tiny detail that you see in the pictures and the car itself.

uD Elegy (Street Drift Version)

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This car has been made by [uD]Leds7

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