Christmas Party Event

Started by Leds7, Dec 18 2013


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**UPDATE: I apologize to everyone if some of you got crashes ingame cause of the Mod Pack but there should have been some issues with the compression of the archive.

Note: For more informations visit here and share your thoughts.

1. When you will join the server, use the (/skinlist) command to choose a skin.
(You can't change your skin later on so you have to keep it for the whole time)

2. You will find a taxi waiting for you exactly where you will spawn and it will be driven by an admin, he will pick you up and take you to the spot.
(Don't try to hi-jack the admin or he will immediately kick you from the server)

3. When you arrive to the spot, you must wait for the others to come and then everyone will start to enter the Disco House, you will also find a Security Guy which will check your ID and approve your entry.
(Respect the line of the people who wants to join, don't try to push or punch each other)

Note: If you want to move from the Disco House, you just have to type (/me calls Taxi), an admin will immediately show up at your spot and drop you to your destination.

1. When you see an admin which started a race from the chat, you have to type (/join), and you will be teleported to the Start Position with the chosen vehicle of the race.
(Since you guys will install the mod pack, you won't be able to use any hacks for speed hacking or such things)

2. Go to the checkpoints which will be marked on your radar, pass through them till the last one and win the race.
(Try not to get angry on players because they rammed you when you unchecked the checkpoint, it's all about having fun)

3. If you will fall off the mountain, there's no way that you would get back to the race so if you want you can use the (/leave) command to leave the race and wait for another one.
(You are free to use the /godcar command for the whole time)

Note: If you don't want to join the race, don't annoy/bother people who really want to race, you will be kicked out anyways.

1. When the admins will be ready to start off the C'n'R event, you will have to get a car for escaping or chasing.
(Don't start to piss off players or admins or you will be kicked out the event)

2. You can already start to change your skin with the (/skinlist) command only if you're going to be a Cop.
(You must keep your skin if you will be a Robber)

3. Keep in mind to use the following vehicles for the event:

Cop Vehicles
LSPD aka Ford Crown Victoria (Vehicle to chase Robbers in a mainstream way)
SFPD aka Ford Crown Victoria (Vehicle to chase Robbers in a mainstream way)
FBI Rancher aka GMC Yukon (Vehicle to dodge Robbers more easily)
Police Rancher aka Chevrolet Tahoe (Vehicle to dodge Robbers more easily)
Police Maverick aka Bell 206B (Vehicle to check Robbers from the above)

Rob Vehicles
Sentinel aka Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X (Vehicle to escape at its best)
Landstalker aka Land Rover Range Rover Supercharged (Vehicle to escape like a real criminal)
Yosemite aka Ford F-150 SVT Raptor (Vehicle to get away on the snow more easily)
Sanchez aka KTM SX 250 (Vehicle to escape from Cops in a easy way)
Freeway aka Harley Davidson Softail (Vehicle to escape from Cops in a bad ass way)
4. When you chose your perfect vehicle, you must stay in line with other players whatever you're going to be.
(Don't mess it up if you will play the round properly, you will be awarded with some guns)

[JTX]Unique for the mapping and for helping me to design races.
[uD]Leds7 for making the flyer, for editing the 2 cruisers and the loading screen picture.
Underground Drifters Staff for the help being admins.
And a big thanks to everyone who helped me to take the pictures of the flyer.