Burn Up

Started by Leds7, Aug 27 2013

We're proud to announce you our first Machinima episode called "Desire of my dreams".

As the title says, we're honored to present you our first Machinima movie ever made on SA:MP.
It's been a long time since we wanted to make our own movie related to Machinima and we've talked alot about it and now we've been able to bring you the first episode right in time.
We've also sent this video to Machinima and we hope they gonna like it but as we know Machinima only accepts the best videos on their channel but we keep hoping.
This series is supposed to have as expected alot of episodes and we'll keep making them until we get tired of it but I don't think we'll stop this project since we've worked hard to make this happen but you never know.
Our motivation to make movies is that we're capable to have alot of ideas thanks to our creativity earned over the years playing on SA:MP and we're really proud of this.
Unique is our first source for this series, he's talented on this stuff, he could make up a story in a short time without any problem but with my help and Neo's, we've been able to make this first episode and it wouldn't have been possible without the help of our friends which we appreciate the work they did on it and I hope they will keep helping us till the last episode.
Talking about voices, we've used 4 voices for different characters and Neo was able to record them through Skype then he edited them on Audacity, even though this could seem weird, this was the only way to make it.
As usual we've used some mods like cars, skins, effects and stuff like that, but we decided not to re-texture the whole map because it may have caused issues with lags, drops and such things. 
We'll provide to use more mods for the next episodes to entertain you with the story and have fun watching the movie.
Alot of people are already asking us to join the second episode of our series and we're glad for this because it means the story is starting to get its point and meaning because this is made by our ideas and creativity and we hope to keep you stuck to the screen and watch our series.
We thank every each of you who helped us with voices, scenes in-game and your patience for the long wait.
If you would like to join the next episodes, click here to contact Neo.

-BURN UP- EP.1 "Desire of my dreams"

This video has been recorded by [uD]Neo

Note: If you want the official poster of Burn Up, you can download it below: