Server Update

Started by Leds7, Mar 22 2013

We'd like to let you know about the new update we did on the server, we're finally on 0.3x.

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As everyone was waiting for, we've updated our server on 0.3x, seen how much entusiasm there was from players about the update.
We've been working very hard on it since Spinno became the new scripter of the server and obviously we'd like to thank him for the time he spent on it, he honestly did a very good job for the server, everything is as good as it was meant to be, Spinno himself said that it's his best work he ever did on a server so if you've ever been on Drift Andreas back in the years, you should know about how good he is on this kind of stuff.
Anyways, the server has been empty lately, so we invite you to play on it and have fun at there, there's no lag at all, the server feels smoother so it's gonna be easier to drift with elegy or with any other vehicle.
If you still didn't join on a 0.3x server yet, there are alot of new stuff as expected, for example there's a new kind of spawning vehicles, instead of a simple list of vehicles name, there's a new command with the pics of the vehicles which it's gonna be easier for whoever doesn't know the name of a vehicle, also if you got a car mod installed, you'll see it on the pic, it's not the only command which has pics, there is also a command for skins which you gonna see the pics of the skins, though you got a skin mod, you'll see it aswell.
Also, we're about to make a promotional video for the server so don't miss it if you wanna be on it, we still don't have an exact date of when we gonna do it but we'll let you know as soon as possible.
Neo will record it again as he did with the previous one, we'd like to thank everyone who watched it and helped us to reach a high number of views, thanks for supporting us till now and keep supporting by donating us.
If you didn't download the newest version of SA:MP yet, you can download it below.


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