Winter GP

Started by Leds7, Dec 24 2012

We're proud to announce you the christmas video brought to you by NJ Productions.

Alright guys, we made it, me and Neo always wanted to create a re-make of this video and here it is!
This is one of the best moment of our carrer on SA:MP, we really hope to get alot of views for this video which we did our best in it.
Neo, our member, is good with smooth cam, it's a cleo script which makes your camera move in different directions in a smoother way than camera hack, you can see it in the video with his skill on it.
It's not been easy to make this video because you had to choose camera angles as close as the original video also with the corners, we had to check every turns of the map pack but after all we had some corners which were similar to the original video.
About the cars, it's not been easy either because we wanted to choose the same cars as the original video though in some scenes we used the same car with different colours but it's not notable seen how fast are some drifting scenes.
About the handling, well, we used different lines and some of them were chosen to fit with the camber of the car so we were able to drift them without any problem.
To conclude this long reading we would like to thank every single person who helped us with the video and we also wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year and take this video as a gift from us.

Pacific Winter GP Drift [HD]

This video has been recorded by [uD]Neo

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