007 Goes Wild

Started by Leds7, Apr 14 2013

We're proud to announce you the James Bond movie brought to you by NJ Productions.

This post is gonna be about our official movie we've ever done on a videogame, well, we thought about making Skyfall, such an epic movie, but you know, when you gotta make it on a videogame as SA:MP, it becomes harder to make but don't worry for this because we're good enough to make it with the help of our friends which I would really like to thank all of them, seriously, they did an awesome job on it.
We've organized everything for this video, every single thing, for example I made the 007 paintjob with the opening scene of the movie on the sides and the 007 pistol on the back, then we got the James Bond's skin from a website of mods, then a briefcase because it was really needed for a movie like 007 and a lot more.
The best part to make this movie was to plan where to make the action scenes, I really had fun to organize that and also because I had so many ideas in my head on how to make them, I immediately thought to use a packer as ramp, indeed we used it 2 times, first one for the attempt to escape from the mafia, but James Bond got tricked by 2 cars from mafia, then he found another way to get away from them, the second one was the last epic scene when he jumped from the packer by flying above the train which passed below him.
We also used a petrol trailer, this one was also needed for a movie like this, indeed James Bond passed through it and got away also by passing below a helicopter which blocked the road.
Neo did an amazing job with the editing aswell, I wouldn't expected him to edit it so amazingly but anyways I had no doubt for that, he's very talented on that.
Well the post just ended, we still would like every each of you for helping us on this small movie, I really hope you guys enjoyed it and if it really pulled you in, feed us by rating and commenting, thanks again and see you on the next movie.

Skyfall [HD]

This video has been recorded by [uD]Neo

Note: If you want the paintjob used in this movie by James Bond, you can download it below:


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