Wallpapers #1

Started by Leds7, Nov 14 2012

These wallpapers are made by our members and dedicated to our team.

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Here we go guys, we got a new wallpaper today made by our member as always, this time he used to create a fake magazine name for the wallpaper to give it some realism and also that Nissan 240sx with a japanese guy checking out the engine.
He also added our logo and our server's IP.
More wallpapers coming soon, stay tuned.

Promotional Server Wallpaper (DrifThing)

This wallpaper has been made by [uD]ChrisForce


In these days our member wanted to make a wallpaper for our server, he has a good skill with Photoshop and as you can see below he made the wallpaper for us.
Make sure to join our server and let people know about it.
I hope you liked the wallpaper and expect us to post new wallpapers soon.

Promotional Server Wallpaper (Digital Design)

This wallpaper has been made by [uD]ChrisForce