Paintjobs #3

Started by Leds7, Sep 2 2012

These new paintjobs are dedicated to our team, at the moment we've made only 7 paintjobs.

Neo wanted to make his first paintjob and dedicate it to our team, he's still a beginner with this stuff but as you can see it still looks good, he tried to put a carbon fiber for the whole paintjob and some sick stickers.
He also used a tuned Elegy inspired by JDM with two different rims colors by making them black and orange.
Well, I got nothing to say anymore, I hope you gonna like the pics and his paintjob.
As usual, this paintjob is only for members so enjoy them.

Carbon Fiber (JDM Style)

This paintjob has been made by [uD]Neo

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Alright we finally decided to make another paintjob, I know It's been a while since we posted our latest paintjobs but here we go.
Seems like our member ReaLuu has some real skill on making paintjobs, indeed as you can see below he tried to make it and looks like he did it very well.
It's a JDM paintjob in uD version with our logo in the back and lots of stickers in the hood and in the sideskirts.
This paintjob is only for members as ReaLuu said so enjoy the pics.

Dark Green & Red (JDM Style)

This paintjob has been made by [uD]ReaLou

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