Battles Time

Started by Leds7, Jan 29 2012

These videos are dedicated to our team, for now we've made just 7 videos.

Another battle between me and Elite but this time at CastleRoad, another map into Naka's map pack.
As usual we decided to have a battle in a different map and Shad0wD recorded us with the front bumper view also into my car to have a different view to see the battle.
There were some crashes again maybe that was me because I was too fast and I didn't take that corner in the right way but never mind.
That's it guys, I hope you liked the battle and stay tuned for other battle's videos.

GTA:SA 峠 Legends - Battle on Castle Road

This video has been recorded by [uD]Shad0w

It could seem weird but we had a funny idea, this funny idea was a battle, yeah a real battle just for fun.
This idea came out when me and Elite were drifting at Drift Korea and then Shad0wD joined in the server and he decided to record our battle, in different views though there were some crashes but when he was about edit the video he thought to let it look as a movie, something like Initial D.
I hope as always that you guys enjoyed this battle between 2 members of uD.

GTA:SA - 峠 Legends - Battle on Drift Korea. Leds vs Elite

This video has been recorded by [uD]Shad0w