JDM Drift Event

Started by Leds7, Apr 3 2012

That's our first event that Underground Drifters is making for you to keep the drifters alive.

Note: For more info about the event visit here to choose your car.
Be quick before someone else gonna choose your car before you.

Here we go guys, we got a surprise for you all, me and Neo are making a big event mainly about JDM. Plus, Neo will take some pics with CameraHack, he'll try to catch some twins during the event and maybe he'll also record the whole event.
Please let's make this event serious, any drifter of SA:MP can join, whoever you are.
This flyer made by me says everything, take a look.

JDM Drift Event

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* Thanks to Neo that helped me to make this flyer.

* Credits goes to San Andreas Multiplayer, Sami, JDM, Underground Drifters, Drift Andreas, Rockstar North and Rockstar Games.


1. First of all, visit here if you want to choose your drift car.
After you download the car that you chose, extract the file of the car and open the readme, you gonna see a line that you need to replace it into handling.two file which you can find it into data folder.

2. Then after you installed your drift car, visit here which you gonna download the Map Pack because the map where the event will take place is there.
Once you downloaded the Map Pack, follow the readme if you don't know how to install it, it's very easy to install, nothing difficult.


1. If you want to join the event the main thing you need to have is your drift car, or a JDM car if you're going to join the meeting.

2. Follow the rules of the server and respect any admin there will be to the event.
  • Do not DM as most of the players do everytime to troll people.
  • Do not Spam the chat because if you want to make a serious event, you must write being like a normal player.
  • Do not Spam the PM's it's the same thing as the chat, if you want to talk with a drifter and he doesn't want to, please leave him in peace.
  • Do not Ram the drifters because the real drifters don't ram their rivals and it's also immature, you should know it.
The admins will immediately kick or ban you from the server if you ignore these rules above.

If you want to watch the drifters while they're drifting, please respect them.


1. Well, as the flyer says the event will take place at Project Touge because I think it's the best place to drift on.
This map has lots of turns and some of them are very difficult to do, so we wish you good luck and watch out because you could crash your car with this realistic handling line.
Also as the flyer says the event shall be on Drift Andreas, the home of the drifters.
I think it's the best server to make events or anything you want to do because almost everyday on that server there are alot of drifters so where else we had to make this event? RedSuns? probably but I think Drift Andreas is much better than RedSuns, that's just my opinion though.

2. That's a nice question, we've thought very hard for the date of the event and I think we got it.
The event will be on April 12th from 4 P.M to 7 P.M.
If you want to go afk then let us know and park or just stay out of the track, you can also go off before 7 P.M.. if you got something to do in real life or anything else.


1. The twin drifting will be awesome because you can watch the drifters by staying out of the track while someone's twining or doing other things with any kind of vehicles and you can also take some pics to them.

2. The meeting will be also awesome because lots of JDM cars will be shown and maybe some of them with the hood open if you want to check the engine.
If you want you can also talk with your friends while you guys check the meeting.

3. There will be a hotdog truck too if you want to eat something.


1. Follow these rules below if you want to join the event without get kick or ban from the admins.
  • Do not Use NOS while you're drifting or whatever you're doing to the event.
  • Do not Use other handling lines if you want to twin, remember to use the one into the Readme.
  • Do not Use other car mods if you want to drift or join the meeting, use the Sami's ones or if you're a modder make your own drifting machine or whatever you want to join.
  • Do not Tune your car because it could be dangerous for you and for the other players, so the game will probably crash.
  • Do not Spam Goto to the drifters because probably when you're about to goto, a drifter is doing something and you could make him angry, you know how it is.