Twin Brothers in Action

Started by Leds7, Jan 28 2012

These videos are dedicated to our team, for now we've made just 5 videos.

So here's our best sick twin video ever, lots of people asked to use an ENB for reflections and so we took this idea.
Few days ago I also sent him this car and the line aswell and I asked him why we don't make a video at Route 45 with this car, the line is long enough to run there.
I also hope that you guys liked this our twin, we'll try to get better and better, we can do it.

GTA SA - Route 45 Downhill Run 720p [HD]

This video has been recorded by [uD]Dori

This is one of our latest twin video recorded at Project Touge, you can find this map into Naka's map pack, these days we've made many runs in this map pack that's because we've decided to make a video on this map, as usual I sent him this car though it's pretty old as drift car and a line, that's the video guys, take a look at this cool twin video even if you're interested, if you're a hater then don't watch it or as did someone by disliking the video.

GTA SA - Project Touge Twin Run 720p [HD]

This video has been recorded by [uD]Dori

This video was our first twin video about to let people show our skill with lines and also because we started to twin with lines since he joined us, so I sent him this car mod and we made a twin video with it also with the line I sent him, both things are private so don't ask to get the line or the car, okay that's it for now enjoy this video and have fun while watching it.

GTA SA - Twin Brothers 1080p [HD]

This video has been recorded by [uD]Dori