Server Affiliation

Started by Leds7, Jul 28 2012

We got a big suprise for you all, we got affiliated to Drift Generation server!

Prodr1fterX closed Drift Generation for 2 days and he made us a suprise, he changed the name of Drift Generation server to Underground Drifters, so this means that now we got a server.
I'm a head admin in that server and Elite is the owner, for those who asks where did Underground Drifters players go, oh well, Drift Andreas became kinda boring now so we moved to Drift Generation which seems to be a good server with good players playing on it.
I hope you all gonna visit us sometime and enjoy our server, a special thanks goes to Prodr1fterX and Elite for scripting and letting us make this real.

Note: For more info about the server and more visit the following websites: