Great & Bad Things

Started by Leds7, May 29 2011

I don't know if you like the news that I'm gonna tell you, anyway I've some news for you...

However, Angelman told me to become admin, I've accepted his request and now I can't put uD tag.
Don't worry because I didn't leave uD team, I'm still in uD.
Then you can see me on Paramount Gaming as moderator and I'm not a fake as someone says.
JTX team can't put the tag too, because Unique and Redline are moderators.
I became like them, we can't put our team tags.

1. [uD]Leds7 has been demoted as moderator.
2. [uD]White has decided to don't be a moderator anymore.
3. [uD]Elite has left Paramount Gaming due to the clan's trouble.

That's all I had to say.

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